Adventure on the high seas of time and space


In this third book of the Pirates of Marauda series, Terran, the ruthless captain of the spaceship Maraudor, is closer than ever to possessing the most coveted treasure in the Universe: the all-powerful Esseen Crystals. From within a UFO in the Bermuda Triangle, the cosmic jewels are casting an irresistible euphoria over all of the peoples of the Earth—except for the greediest scoundrels. Realizing that Bob and his sons are the key to gaining entry to the UFO, the space pirate snatches them from their Paintball Jungle. But just as he gets his hands on the Crystals, he is hijacked by the robots of the Illuminosity, who take Bob captive along with the prize. Ultimately, the boys are faced with the decision to either rescue the Crystals for the sake of humanity or save their dad. They cannot do both.


**** If you enjoy science fiction and fantasy, this is a must read. Once I picked it up I could not put it down until I finished it. These type of stories paint pictures in your mind and take you on a wonderful adventure. —ZT

 Best read aloud, Pirates of Maurauda is the epic science fiction adventure trilogy for the whole family.

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